YMMV: New 2017 Toyota Camry SE for as low as $16878 before taxes and dealer fees (from SD)

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YMMV: New 2017 Toyota Camry SE for as low as $16878 before taxes and dealer fees (from SD)

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This is an amazing deal for those who live around GA or is willing to drive for $3000+ discount. Credit should go to AngoraDG from SD.

I have been shopping around for a new car and got a few quotes on a 2017 Camry SE (the sporty model). I received a quote via voicemail for $9000 off of MSRP. I go to the website of the local dealer that left me the voicemail to see the MSRP price and see the deal scrolling across the banner. The deal is good through end of the month. There is also 0% 72 month financing if you qualify, but this deal is about the price of the car.

http://ift.tt/1ElY2OKIf using a mobile device scroll down until you see “Schedule Your Next Service Appointment” to see the scrolling banner showing the deal.

There are additional rebates that may apply for recent college grads ($750) and military ($500). The military discount includes household members of qualifying military.

-Final cost comes out to $16878 before taxes and fees which is $8939 below the $25817 MSRP.
– If using the Grad Rebate, the price should come out to $16125 or $9692 below MSRP.
– For military personnel, the price should come out to about $16378 or $9439 below MSRP.
-If you are lucky enough to qualify for both grad and military, $15628 or $10189 below MSRP.

For reference from TrueCar:
Great Price: Less than $21049
Exceptional Price: Less than $19212
TrueCar Average: $20508

Here is what I suggest:

Use the website to get your local dealer to agree to the price. This is a great price, I wouldn’t haggle beyond this. Do not mention the Grad Rebate or Military discount. After agreeing to the $16878 ask for the Grad Rebate and/or the Military Discount if you qualify for either. Dealers will try to jerk you around. It’s best to do all negotiating via email and see if you can pit two dealers against each other.

In my opinion this is a great price without the grad or military discount. Let us know if this works out for you.

Edit: Added email quote attachment. You will have to pay dealer fees, I updated the post to reflect this.


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