USB-C 4-in-1 Adapter: 15% off

  • Posted on :September 24, 2018 in deals

USB-C 4-in-1 Adapter: 15% off

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Did you get that fancy new MacBook only to discover its solitary USB-C port is supposed to do everything, including charging? Do you remember when you would get USB ports, an HDMI or maybe a VGA out and even an Ethernet port? Maybe you got the latest Samsung Galaxy or other device that supports DisplayPort over USB-C. We have some good news for you: our USB-C adapter, powered by DisplayPort over USB-C, gives you a 4K @30Hz HDMI out (no typo, DP carries the HDMI signal), a Gigabit Ethernet port for when WiFi is a no-go, a USB 3.0 Type-A Port (the old rectangle) for expansion, and a handy USB-C charge back port so you can keep your devices ticking while getting work done. Take 15% off our USB-C adapter now via code “DEALNEWS925101”.

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