TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator $89.99 at Staples and Target

  • Posted on :July 23, 2017 in deals

TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator $89.99 at Staples and Target

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The TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator is on sale at both Targetand Staplesthis week for $89.99. This matches the lowest price it has been in the last 2 years.

Staples– available in store only with a limit of 2. Please be ready for a hard sell from the clerks to pay $20 extra for the Square Trade Warranty. In each of the4 stores I visited last week, they tried 3 times to convince me to buy it. (It probably doesn’t need to be mentioned to fatwalleters. but don’t buy the extended warranty. You are better off takinga $20 bill, going to your toilet, ripping it into little pieces, and flushing it down the toilet.)

Target– online it is available in black, white, silver, and blue with free shipping and 5% off using your Targetredcard. In store you can get the all colors including the pink one (based on store availability) with no bother about an extended warranty. Again, you will get 5% off using your Targetredcard. Please note that in store you may have to wait up to a half hour as they usually have them locked on a shelf and you have to find the right employee who has a key to come and unlock it.

As a footnote, here is how the Stapleshard sell on the extended warranty goes: StaplesClerk: Do you want to get the extended warranty for $20. It covers any breakage and accidental drops for 2 years. Me: That is ok, not thank you. StaplesClerk:But I highly recommend that you get it. It is going to be in your kids backpack being knocked around with all the other books. Me: That is ok, but no thank you. StaplesClerk: Are you sure, I mean it is only $20 and covers any breakage for 2 full years. Me (getting irritated) : No thank you, I do not want to spend the extra money.


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