Target, Xbox bundles for 242 plus tax.

  • Posted on :October 23, 2016 in deals

Target, Xbox bundles for 242 plus tax.

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You can get your choice of any xbox console for 15% off, and then you can get an additional 5% off. This must be instore only. You need a cartwheel account. There is a coupon today for up to 25% off xbox. This is 15% for consoles, 25% for madden games and 20% for other games. You get the additional 5% by having a Target red card. No worries if you don’t want a new credit card, you can have it link up to your bank and it works just like a debit card. Ex: Minecraft XBOX one bundle price 299.99. With cartwheel app: 254.99, use red card: 242.24.
There are a lot of other great bundles, it is going to depend on what you pick out!


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