Staples Echo Dot for $35 + tax YMMV

  • Posted on :October 26, 2016 in deals

Staples Echo Dot for $35 + tax YMMV

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I was looking to buy an additional Echo Dot for my house and came across a hidden coupon in my Staples Account Coupon Wallet, $15 off $50 purchases.
I also had 10 off $40, but thinking of getting an additional Echo Dot at this price.
You have to be a Staples REWARDS MEMBER, and you may have to be Rewards PLUS MEMBER.
Not sure who gets the coupon and who doesn’t.
Coupon expires in Oct. 31, 2016.

Add Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) (Black) OR
Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) (White)

Add any filler to bring total to above $100 (Ex. Permanent marker – $0.86 )

1. Then go to cart
2. Look for “” link.
3. Look for “View Coupon Wallet
4. See if you have $15 off $50 or $10 off $40.

Again, it’s a YMMV, and probably account specifics, so please don’t beg for coupons here please.

Credit to ctgolfer on original Staples Echo Dot thread.
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