Soda Stream Flavorings 25 cents/bottle KMart B&M

  • Posted on :December 27, 2016 in deals

Soda Stream Flavorings 25 cents/bottle KMart B&M

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Stopped by our last remaining Kmart today and found sodastream flavorings (normally about $5 at tar get, wm, Staples, etc) on sale for .25 each. The sign hadn’t been changed, it still said .50. This was on a free standing display at the front of the housewares section. Lots of fruit waters (grapefruit and lemon, and “fancy” types like basil/lime, kiwi, etc) as well as some of the regular and diet mountain dew variety, and diet cola and lemon lime. The machines themselves were on clearance as well, dont remember which model, for about $20. At checkout, also got a $10 off 10 in clothing surprise points and $5 of 5 shoes surprise points, so we will try some of these flavors tonight and go back tomorrow to stock up as well as take advantage of the surprise points.

They’re building a WalMart across the road so I expect this Kmart will be a wrap by the end of the summer. It’s the only multi product retail store holding on in an economically depressed and food desert area (urban central VA)


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