Snapfish 20% off coupon – but definintely not a Hot Deal

  • Posted on :August 30, 2016 in deals

Snapfish 20% off coupon – but definintely not a Hot Deal

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Here’s a coupon for 20% your order at Snapfish: CS080116US

Here’s how I got the coupon: I have been consolidating my photos from various website. On Shutterfly, for example, I was able to order an archive DVD for a relatively modest sum. No big deal. When I got to Snapfish, most of my photos were missing. The albums were still there, but all the thumbnails were blank. I contact online chat who informed me that during their “upgrade” they inadvertently corrupted many customers’ photos and they were gone. I was informed that I should have backed up the photos, which is exactly what I was trying to do. I asked if they keep a backup. The representative said no they do not, but they are considering that for the future. Snapfish also does not offer a DVD archive for purchase and, according to the chat representative, they have disabled the ability to download an entire album. (You can do individual photo download, but it’s cumbersome, naturally). Anyway, as compensation for years’ worth of photos and memories, Snapfish offered me 20% off my next order. Oh, by the way, all but two photos were corrupted. I’m not sure what kind of order the chat representative was expecting me to place. Maybe Snapfish is expecting another chance to get it right.


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