RingPlus Truely Committed Plan 4K,4K, 4K +MMS $9 Tethering

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RingPlus Truely Committed Plan 4K,4K, 4K +MMS $9 Tethering

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Maybe the best plan yet offered.FLASH Promo!Opening Sunday, July 24, 2016 @ 3PM-5PM Pacific.Open to all for New Activations athttps://ringplus.netPLUS!Upgrades Times:Sunday, July 24, 2016 from 8PM-10PM Pacific in the RingPlus Classifieds.RingPlus Classifieds are located in this forum athttp://ift.tt/2a6zgYl Committed Free Plan$0/month: 4,000 Talk 4,000 Text and 4,000 MB of Full-Speed LTE Data.
MMS allotment will be based on the total signups for this plan.Regular Auto Top Up: $40is required to cover overages. If, and only if, the Top-Up balance reaches $0, another $40.00 auto Top Up will be automatically charged to your credit card on file (plus applicable telecom fees and taxes).If you join Member+ during the sign up process, the Auto Top Up will be only $20.
Overages are 7 per unit of Talk, Text, MMS, and Full-Speed LTE Data.Tethering available for 30 a day ($9 a month), renews daily, and can be canceled and re-activated as you need it.**Attention: for each activation of tethering, a flat activation fee of $4 is charged.


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