RingPlus Double Truly Committed Free Plan 8000 mins txt data

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RingPlus Double Truly Committed Free Plan 8000 mins txt data

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gettin a little cray cray…..

it requires members plus
and a $40 topup
and 7cents for overages

which is a bit expensive for a free plan BUT

Double Truly Committed Free Plan

$0: 8,000 Talk Text and MB

Member+ required which can be purchased buy activation.

MMS allotment will be based on the total signups for this plan.

Regular Auto Top Up: $40 is required to cover overages. If, and only if, the Top-Up balance reaches $0, another $40.00 auto Top Up will be automatically charged to your credit card on file (plus applicable telecom fees and taxes).

Overages are 7 per unit of Talk, Text, MMS, and Full-Speed LTE Data.

Tethering available for 30 a day ($9 a month), renews daily, and can be canceled and re-activated as you need it.

**Attention: for each activation of tethering, a flat activation fee of $4 is charged.

Social requirement: Please link your Twitter account. (RingPlus will auto-tweet that you got this plan).

Other RingPlus Community Requirements: Like all RingPlus plans (except data only plans) you will have to use your phone as a real cell phone and not as a data-only device, navigation system, radio, hotspot, etc. Basically, we rely on the honesty of Members to be able to offer such plans. Gaming the system hurts all members. RingPlus reserves the right terminate, deactivate, throttle, or take any other measurements regarding any account which games the system or otherwise harms the RingPlus community.

Free Porting

Bring your phone number to RingPlus from another carrier for Free during this Promo!

good luck..

8gigs data .. gees



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