Rhythm Thief the Emperor’s Treasure (3DS) $4.99 at nintendo.com

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Rhythm Thief the Emperor’s Treasure (3DS) $4.99 at nintendo.com

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Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure (3DS)

Pump up the tempo in the most mysterious rhythm adventure ever to hit
the Nintendo 3DS.
Raphael has a secret life as a heroic thief who is famous among
Parisians for stealing famous works of art only to return it days later.
Feel the beat and conquer the rhythmic riddles in pursuit of the hidden
truth about the city and his father?s disappearance.
Rock to the Beat
Tap the screen, swipe the stylus, control the gyro to the beat of the
music to maneuver Raphael in a variety of rhythm-based challenges
Stroll in Style
Dive into the world of Raphael and get immersed in this colorful
adventure with 3D maps and stylish animation that bring the streets of
Paris to life.
Mysterious Story
Unearth the clues hidden behind treasures scattered around Paris to
unmask the truth about Raphael and the secret of the city
Take on your friends
Master the beat and take on your friends in a variety of multiplayer
toe-tapping rhythm challenges. Collect fans in Paris on your virtual 3D
map through StreetPass.
? An adventure set in Paris blending rhythm and mystery? Play
a wide variety of music-based challenges? Discover clues hidden
throughout Paris? Single player, multiplayer and StreetPass


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