OfficeDepot “surprise” 20% off coupon–includes furniture

  • Posted on :September 30, 2017 in deals

OfficeDepot “surprise” 20% off coupon–includes furniture

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I needed to order an office chair and picked one out at OfficeDepot. The 30% off coupon on their home page doesn’t apply to furniture or technology. I used another window to look at eBates for their cash back and their 30% coupon has the same stipulations. When I went back to Office Depot, there was a pop-up with a code for 20% off the highest price item if I ordered in the next 20 minutes, and it did apply to furniture. Not sure if it would apply to technology.

The code was1JW7Z1RM7F271F -20% off highest priced item. I don’t know if this is one times or not.

So you’re looking to purchase a bigger ticket item at OD and the above code doesn’t work, might want to wait around until another one pops up.


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