Microsoft Xbox One 1TB Cyber Week Blast From the Past Bundle (Refurbished) – $249.99 –

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Microsoft Xbox One 1TB Cyber Week Blast From the Past Bundle (Refurbished) – $249.99 –

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Microsoft Xbox One 1TB Cyber Week Blast From the Past Bundle (Refurbished) – $

This isn’t a Slim model Xbox One, but it does have a 1TB hard drive. For the same price of the 500GB bundles that only come with one game,you get 2 games, 1 extra controller, and double the memory. If you hate the games that come with it, then sell them at a garage sale or re-gift them, you’re at least saving $100 from the price of the new slims and getting an extra controller.

Buying the same refurbished console without the games and controller is only $10 cheaper,so you might as well get more bang for your buck this way. The good news is that the 1TB systems were a step-up from the original launched consoles, so any bugs you may be afraid of running into wont be a problem. If you get it and hate it, you don’t have to ship it back either, just bring it all into the nearest store.

The company has their own refurbishing warehouse located in Grapevine, TX. All consoles are cleaned, the memory is wiped, and any missing/broken parts are replaced. It comes with a 30-day warranty, but a 1 or 2-yr warranty can be added. GameStop‘s warranties now cover ANY & ALL damage. At least, according to the employees I last talked to.

Watch Dogs is an open-world action game that basically acts like GTA, except you’re a hacker in the city of Chicago that can control anything from stop lights to ATM machines and beyond.The average reviews are around an 8/10.

Assassins Creed Unity takes place during the French Revolution, and it’s also one of the most memorable in the franchise because of how many bugs it had during launch. Even though there have been countless patches to fix the game, most people know it for having problems. NPC’s randomly appear and dissapear, taking leaps of faith randomly desynchronized you, and during cut-scenes faces would sometimes not load. Apparently all of that’s fixed now,and the graphics, story, and content are apparently amazing. I had skipped Unity and got Syndicate (which I liked). Average review scores for the game (when googled) were around 7/10.


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