Mangrates – Cyber Monday: Half Off! code = 16HOHO

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Mangrates – Cyber Monday: Half Off! code = 16HOHO

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I have these on my grill and LOVE them. As noted in previous years, this do not go on sale too often.

Copy/Paste of email I received as a previous customer….

Cyber Monday: Half Off!

The turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy area faint memory. It’s now full-on holiday season. And to kick things off, we are offering50% OFFall grates and brushes. Give the gift of “grate” grilling.

This is also the perfect time to fill out your own grill space. Use code16HOHOto get more for yourself!

PS – here is the link to last year’s archived thread… which I posted.

PPS – everything they sell is “Made in USA”. For those of us that think that matters, good deal!


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