Lemo Solar Security Lights, 2 for $10.99, Amazon Free ship $35+

  • Posted on :February 20, 2017 in deals

Lemo Solar Security Lights, 2 for $10.99, Amazon Free ship $35+

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I had been shopping for more LED security lights after having purchased some Baxia Motion sensing lights of very similar design. They have come a long way and are quite bright, I hope these are as well, Baxia claims 120 lm which doesn’t sound like a lot, but is much brighter than my high dollar solar light from 4 years ago. These claim 150lm.


​These have a hopefully nice feature of having a dim mode then switching to bright with motion. Though check the Q & A this might be a bad description. The seller says these only come on with motion! Then suggest buying the right ones… contradiction their description. aaarrrrgggghhh! …but it’s Amazon and if it’s wrong it’s simple returning.

​I haven’t purchased these, and might not, I purchased 8 other brand (very similar description)drop shipped from China, when they were quite cheap, Price quadrupled before I could post here. Wish I knew more about them, just had the price change since they were in my basket at Amazon… Does look like a good price, hope these are all as well made as the Baxia.


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