Kohls Keurig K250 $89.99 as low as $53.40 after stack able coupons

  • Posted on :October 22, 2016 in deals

Kohls Keurig K250 $89.99 as low as $53.40 after stack able coupons

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Sale on Keurig250 at KohlsI suppose it starts Sunday, but it went through right now. It shows up 89.99 there is a coupon for TRICK15 that takes off $10 bringing it to $76.49 if you have stack able coupons you can bring it down lower obviously. I had a Discover coupon for $10.00 off bringing it down lower. I was able to use CIDER30 discount only through a glitch in the system I think. I believe CIDER30 is only good if you have a purchase over 100. I had this K250 in my shopping cart with 3 coupons and I didnt see a discover coupon in my email until yesterday, so I took advantage with it. good luck to people trying to get it for as low as I got it.

I think HOME10 and TRICK15 are stackable just to help with the combination of coupons to stack. the discover is possibly selected card holders and I used the free ship coupon.

I was able to get it under $55.00 with a bunch of coupons stacked to 4 max.

My order summary bellow.
Subtotal: $89.99
Kohl’sCash -$10.00
HOME10 -$10.00
CIDER30 -$21.00
Shipping: FREE
Tax: $4.41
TOTAL: $53.40

K250 @ Kohls


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