Kobo Launches Audiobook Service for $10 a Month

  • Posted on :September 19, 2017 in deals

Kobo Launches Audiobook Service for $10 a Month

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Kobo Launches Audiobook Service for $10 a Month

If you follow my Hot Deals posts, you probably know I’m a big Audible fan. Today, I learned Kobo is launched a similar service for $9.99 a month. That’s $5 lower than Audible, so I figured I’d check it out.

It’s pretty similar to Audible in terms of the plan – you get a credit each month to spend on an audiobook, plus you can get three credits for $30 (also $5 less than Audible).

Haven’t used the app yet – it looks to be pretty to Audible’s listening app. One feature I did hear about was the ability to set a certain amount of time to listen to audiobooks before you go to bed.

They also have a Super Points program, similar to Rakuten (who owns Kobo). It’s a cool way to maximize book savings (though you can’t use Rakuten Super Points towards Kobo purchases . . . I checked).

So I’m pretty interested in this program. I’m a pretty diehard Audible user, but if it has a comparable selection and app, I might consider switching over.

What does everyone else think? Does this sound like a program worth checking out, for fellow audiobook lovers?


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