Kaspersky Free Antirivus

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Kaspersky Free Antirivus

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Its a slimmed down version of internet security and supposed to be lighter on resources. Good deal for those that only use the antivirus features including myself.


Kaspersky Free is a free application designed to protect your computer against malicious programs. Each type of threat is handled by a corresponding application component. Enable and disable components independently in order to configure the application. Kaspersky Free comprises:
File Anti-Virus, which protects the computer file system.
Mail Anti-Virus, which checks inbound and outbound mail for viruses and other malicious programs.
Web Anti-Virus, which intercepts and blocks scripts on websites should they pose a threat to your computer. With Web Anti-Virus enabled, all traffic is controlled and dangerous websites are blocked automatically.
IM Anti-Virus, which maintains security while using instant messaging applications.
Anti-Phishing, which checks whether web-addresses are on the list of phishing websites.
On-Screen Keyboard, which prevents malefactors from intercepting information that the user enters with a standard external keyboard.

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