Insignia Monitor Wipes (80-Pack) best buy $4.99

  • Posted on :February 26, 2017 in deals

Insignia Monitor Wipes (80-Pack) best buy $4.99

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click meAlcohol-free formulaSafe for use on most laptops and monitors.Antistatic designRemoves dust, dirt and lint from your screen.80-packEnsures you have enough on hand.

i bought 2 of them cuz my electronics are dirty. They do a great job. I just wished it were easier to get to the seal. you need to open the seal to thread the first wipe through the opening. you have to pull open the lid with all ur force to get to the wipes. I wished it were a twist open mechansim. oh well other than that gripe its fine! it cleans well and leaves no residue.


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