FiiO X5 Mastering Quality Digital Music Player (Plays FLAC) – Refurbished $129.99 FS @ Adorama

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FiiO X5 Mastering Quality Digital Music Player (Plays FLAC) – Refurbished $129.99 FS @ Adorama

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FiiO X5 utilizes the Ingenics 4760B dual-core 600MHz CPU. With its formidable processing power, the x5 supports all six major lossless music formats. The x5 supports DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, WAV lossless music formats . This is the most complete set of supported formats to date among Hi-Fi DAPs. With the x5, music lovers need notworry about lack of format supportor format conversion. The x5 even decodes Apple’s proprietary ALAC format seamlessly.

Dual purpose DAP+DAC
The x5 serves not only as a DAP, but also as a USB DAC when connected to a computer, thus satisfying your music needs in and out of the house.

Quad-balanced power supply
Using a quad balanced power supply the x5 achieves bipolar output without using coupling capacitors.

Dual TF card slots
Supports up to 256GB (128GBx2), will support for 512GB, 1024GB, etc. with future firmware upgrades.

Audiophile-grade discrete architecture
Utilizing flagship op-amps from major manufacturers discretely for DAC, preamp and amp duties. TI’s top-flight PCM1792A as DAC, with THD<0.000015% 4 OPA1612 used for current / voltage conversion and amplification 2 LMH6643 used for headphone output.

10 bands graphic EQ for fine-tuning freedom
Users can adjust the x5’s equalizer according to their preferences, tailoring the x5’s sound output to different headphones and music genres to produce their ideal sound.

All new user-friendly UI
2.4″ IPS color LCD
All-new mechanical scroll wheel (using Alps rotary switch components from Japan)
All-new custom UI forged from years of experience and feedback
All-mechanical interface can be operated out of eyesight
Shortcuts key allows fast access to essential options
Quick access to songs, batch addition of songs to Favorites collection

Full set of ports for class-leading connectivity
The x5 comes with three output ports: headphone out, line out and coaxial digital output. Apart from connecting directly to headphones, you can also connect it to other DACs and amps.


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