Epson 5010 1080p 3d projector refurb $899 free shipping

  • Posted on :August 26, 2016 in deals

Epson 5010 1080p 3d projector refurb $899 free shipping

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I was on the hunt for a cheap 1080p projector for this winters binge watching tv and movie season. Having owned a few optomas including HD131xe i was going to try a BenQ
W1070 this time around for hopefully $550. I was turned on to the epson for its versatile lens shift and zoom (works in a huge variety of room shapes and sizes) contrast ratio, cheap bulb replacements, and quiet operation. This projector was above my budget, but having unboxed it yesterday and watched two bluray movies on it — i am thoroughly IMPRESSED. I don’t even have a screen yet, projecting it on to a light grey wall — blacks are actually black, color, contrast, and sharpness are all very impressive. It sat on a shelf next to my sofa, less then 3 feet away couldnt even hear it running.

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