Dillards New Years Day Sale 50% off (Permanently Reduced Items)

  • Posted on :December 28, 2016 in deals

Dillards New Years Day Sale 50% off (Permanently Reduced Items)

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Looks like it is back again:
For those new to the sale, only Permanently Reduced items will be 50% off. This sale normally starts around 1:00am EST online. It requires lots of patience, the site will crash, be slow, tons of people will b!tch and complain, but if you’re lucky you will score a few good deals. There are virtually no online returns, so make sure you want (or can sell) what you buy. No free shipping, unless you happen to have a Dillards credit card, I think. Us peasants pay $8.00 and up for shipping. No way around it in the past.

Yes, the sale is also instore, if you are the courageous type. I have never shopped the sale instore so if you want that Intel, search past year’s threads. Or, contact your store for hours on that day.

A few tips for successful online shopping of this sale: set up your Dillards online account ahead of time with at least two forms of payment loaded (inevitably, one will not work), load your cart (remember the sale is ONLY on permanently reduced items), once 2am hits, be logged in and hit refresh till your cart reduces by half (either that or it will dump, so be prepared), be ready to go through checkout many times till your cart is reduced by 3/4, and then hopefully you will still get a few good deals (that you prob didn’t need, but at 50% off, who can resist?!), patience, patience, patience….As I said, search past year’s threads for the ins and outs and frustrations.

Did I forget anything?? Permanently reduced merchandise can be found by clicking on price reductions, then items must be marked ‘Permanently Reduced’. Have I said that enough??

I searched, but didn’t see this posted this year yet, my apologies if it has…


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