Craftsman Non-Slip Foam Drawer Liner Roll $6.89 at

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Craftsman Non-Slip Foam Drawer Liner Roll $6.89 at

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Craftsman Non-Slip Foam Drawer Liner Roll

Keep your tools in place with Non-slip Drawer Liner Roll. Line your trays and drawers with the Craftsman Drawer Liner Roll to keep your tools from sliding around while in storage. This liner can be cut to fit the drawers in your toolbox, providing a non-slip surface that will prevent your tools from coming unorganized. Tools rest softly on the black foam surface, so they’re less likely to get dinged up and scratched. Your tools will last longer as a result and will look better too. This Non-slip Drawer Liner Roll measures 22-1/8 inches wide and has a total length of 85-1/2 inches. Depending on the size of your tool chest, that’s enough material to line up to 8 drawers. The foam material helps prevent rust by pulling moisture away from your tools. Your tools are a big investment, and this liner better protects them.


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