Craftsman 6 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack $12.09 at

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Craftsman 6 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack $12.09 at

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Craftsman 6 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

6-ton Hydraulic Jack Is A Smart, Powerful PackageThe Craftsman 6-ton hydraulic jack is a must for mechanics beyond the limits of standard-issue car jacks. Whether your garage is the place the neighborhood goes to for quick repairs or working on a car is your idea of fun and relaxation, this jack is a great piece of gear to have on hand. The 6-ton hydraulic jack can vary eight inches in height, letting you adjust to fit a variety of jobs, from changing a tire to leveling a floor. The bottle jack is a powerful performer in a compact package, small enough and light enough at only 12 pounds to take on the road. Featuring precision machined mechanics, a rugged steel build and 24,000 lbs. of bottle jack lifting power, it delivers. Add it to your home, garage or shop and get the lift you need to get the job done.


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