Craftsman 1400 SawGuide? $4.69 at

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Craftsman 1400 SawGuide? $4.69 at

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Craftsman 1400 SawGuide?

Craftsman 1400 Saw Guide Turns You into a Master CutterThe 1400 Saw Guide is a universal edge guide and circle cut system. You can make the precision trims you need with just about any saw.The Craftsman 1400 Saw Guide includes an edge guide head, four metal bars, and special clips to accommodate nearly any circular or jig saw. The exclusive incremental trim feature allows you to adjust your cuts by 1/16″ without any tools. You get precise alignment of hole-to-blade for circle cuts, thanks to the multiple pivot holes. For circular and jig saws, you have up to 10 inches with left or right hand usage. The circle compass for jig saws creates round cuts.


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