Cox Cable Deal for Internet or Bundle (Orange County, CA) YMMV

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Cox Cable Deal for Internet or Bundle (Orange County, CA) YMMV

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Came really close to getting this deal but I discovered that I still under contract for another 5 months. So I will post the deal and my experience. This deal came on a post card that looks like junk mail and there are 2 parts to it. Call 855-226-8915 and ask for offer code BR163GC48U. Expires 2/27/17. Unlike most cable offers, the fine print on this one states available to current residential customers in select Cox service areas who receive this offer directly from Cox at the address indicated.

Part One
High Speed Internet Ultimate (speeds up to 300 MBPS) for $54.99 per month for 24 months with 2 year service agreement. Includes free WiFi router rental.
Rate increases $15 for months 25-36 aka $69.99
Rate increases another $15 for months 37-48 aka $84.99

Part Two
Cox Ultimate Bundle for $139.99 per month for 24 months with 2 year service agreement. The bundle includes: Premier TV, Receiver, and HBO. Plus access to super fast in home WiFi to surf (must be the speed above). Free professional installation.
This $139.99/month bundle includes Contour TV with one receiver rental, HBO, High Speed Internet Ultimate with Free WiFi router rental, and Digital Telephone Premier.
Rate increases $30 for months 25-36 aka $169.99
Rate increases another $30 for months 37-48 aka $199.99

Of course none of this includes taxes and if you use decided to go with the bundle, the DVR fee is probably extra too. Right now, I am paying $184 a month for internet (150 MBPS), Premier TV that has 305+ channels, and the 3 Paks (movie, sports & info, and variety). By having Premier TV, the paks are automatically included. Plus the digital phone service that I hardly use.

Here is where it gets interesting. I call because getting faster internet plus free HBO, and the lower rate is attractive. I get this cox agent who has been with the company for 5 years and claims to have seen it all. Rather than take the offer code, he asks me to describe the package to him and what is included. Seriously? Why sift around your computer looking for stuff when I can give you the code directly?

He tries to add the deal to my account and says “marketing” has blocked my area from getting the offer. Really? Marketing was the one who sent me the card and it states available to current customers who get the post card. Then we get into an argument about the offer and he states that if I sign up for the new deal, I would lose the 3 Paks because Contour TV doesn’t included the Paks and it would cost $12.99 each so I would only get down to $178.96 from my current rate of $184. Then we go into survey mode and he asks what kind of channels do I watch to make sure I don’t pay for something I don’t want. I tell him I don’t want to waste time but he states it will help me save money.

Do you watch sports? “Yes, to NFL channel, no to ESPN.” Do you watch things in the variety Pak? “Yes, my daughter watches Nick Jr.” Do you watch movies in the movies Pak? “I don’t care for the old movies on Encore.” The survey leads to nothing because he cannot offer me a package that doesn’t have ESPN, the Hispanic channels, Government TV, and no QVC or home shopping network. Waste of time.

Turns out he is wrong because the Ultimate Bundle includes Premier TV which is the 305+ channels plus the 3 paks. Not sure why this idiot refused to take the code in the first place. Since marketing has restricted my area from getting this, he is willing to do me a favor and drop my rate down to $175 to save me some money. I refuse and say I will just cut the service and go with Direct TV. He states that I cannot because I am still under contract. Turns out that I was under contract and I noticed my rate was quite high so I assume I was no longer under the previous 2 year contract I signed in 5/2015. Then I look at the screen prints I captured and see that in month 13, my rate was suppose to go down $20 but they increased it by $20.

He found it unbelievable that I was paying and extra $40 for 6 months and didn’t notice. I said I trusted my local cable company and was on auto pay. Then I tell him to adjust my rate per the contract and he states he has been with Cox for the past 5 years and they don’t do step downs, only step ups. Spoke to his manager and was told to go to the Cox store.

I showed them all my screen prints and got a credit of $480 (40X12) on my bill because that’s the only way they can fix it. Turns it it was a glitch online but only 2 customers have ever noticed.

Sorry for the extra details but I couldn’t get this offer but perhaps you can. Just make sure you give them the code and don’t describe the offer to the idiot agent. Make sure you are familiar with the Cox packages before signing up. Sucks that this offer will expire 3 months before I am off my contract. I will scan the card in soon.


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