Costco on-line only ( $25 off $250 one-time use CPN *DONTAINS AVAILABLE*

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Costco on-line only ( $25 off $250 one-time use CPN *DONTAINS AVAILABLE*

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There’s been some previous threads on this topic, including this one in which I donated 20 one-time use $25 off $250+ CPN’s valid @

The CPN’s are available on flyers at Costco B&M locations (attached is an example flyer w/ CPN code removed), but the codes themselves are strictly for the web-site (and you can’t use them towards the purchase of Costco Cash Cards / GC’s). You’re welcome to grab yourown flyer(s) atyour local Costco B&M (read the thread above for where people found them).

I have twenty-five (25) more CPN’s available to donate. If you received one from mealready,please refrain from asking for another one, especially since the Costco web-siteonly permits one such offer to be redeemed per account. Thus,even if you were to get another one-time use CPN code, it likely wouldn’t work.

If you’d like a CPN, please respond to this thread w/ your request.I’llrespond via PM. Priority goes to those who’ve been members for 6+ months. I’ll also keep this post updated with the # of CPN’s donated thus far.Unlikemy previous request method, please DO NOT PM ME asking for a CPN code. Thank you.

0 of 25 CPN’s donated as of this writing.


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