Bresser HD Action Camera at Aldi, $39.99

  • Posted on :July 25, 2016 in deals

Bresser HD Action Camera at Aldi, $39.99

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A new Aldi opened near me last Thursday. I did not know that it had opened until yesterday, though I knew that the opening was imminent. On my first visit, there were no sale flyers in the store. After I left the store, I went to a library and looked one up.

The Bresser portable video camera for $39.99 looked interesting.

For the price, I wouldn’t expect Go-Pro quality. Usually the el cheapo imitations have all the functions of the high-priced original, but mechanically they are second-rate. By second-rate, I mean that I expect it to be flimsy and not capable of withstanding any sort of rough use. The mount will break easily, and you won’t be able to epoxy it back together – that sort of thing. When I went back to the store, I learned that the storehad received only four of them, and that they were all gone. They’ll be back. Any opinions?


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