Bose Wave Radio IV$199.95 shipped–today only

  • Posted on :August 22, 2017 in deals

Bose Wave Radio IV$199.95 shipped–today only

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Bose Wave Radio IV$199.95 shipped

This deal is good for today ONLY, 8/22.

Yeah I know…no lows, no highs, etc. etc. Say what you will, but the Wave radio has been around for a long time, and really does sound good for its size. It also looks good (very good, in my opinion), and this is a very good price for a new one, directly from Bose. I used to collect table radios (still have a bunch of them) and an old Wave radio is the one I listen to more than any of the others. It fits nicely on my kitchen counter, blends in, and sounds good enough for me.


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