BMW X5 40e lease – $520 / mo x 36 months 12k miles + tax

  • Posted on :August 21, 2016 in deals

BMW X5 40e lease – $520 / mo x 36 months 12k miles + tax

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The main part of the deal is that the current BMW NA incentive is $5500 (up from no incentive at launch, $1500 earlier, then $3500) for leases. Additional 9-10% dealer discount off MSRP is very likely.

The above lease $ from BMW NA stacks with the dealer discount off MSRP and other discounts including the BMW loyalty discount, student discount, USAA,military discount, likely others that are good for $1-2k additional. Multiple security deposits (x7) that will bring down the money factor to 0.00088 (2.1% implied interest rate) – not available in every state – for example NJ yes NY no.

That said, the incentives will get you into a car with MSRP of about 67k for ~$500 / month + tax. After the incentives went up, inventory is getting very scarce nationwide. My general calculation is that a 3 year lease 12k miles is a good deal if the monthly payment (no money down ex taxes) is <1% of the MSRP.

This may be due to some federal money to BMW for electric vehicles (though the battery here is so small it may not qualify). More likely BMW needs to sell some cars with a high claimed mpg to avoid penalties.

Either way, if you are in the market for a 5200lb luxury german SUV, this is a good deal.

My salesman is Elvis at Prestige BMW in Ramsey NJ. He is a straightforward person as is the sales manager. About 30 minutes total from start to finish on this deal. Doubters can check my other posts, I’m not a newbie.


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