August Lock (Homekit/Alexa): $170 @ or $120 + $10 GC ordered w/ Alexa

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August Lock (Homekit/Alexa): $170 @ or $120 + $10 GC ordered w/ Alexa

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11/28 only

Gray color only. Amazon‘s description only says “Latest Generation” and “Alexa” but the model number lines up with the home kit model. Works w/ iOS and Android. Can’t comment on Android functionality but never had any s/w issues with my 1st gen on iOS. If you are looking for a good smart lock this is a good one that doesn’t require much installation effort and especially at $120 is a very cheap point of entry. I ordered on as soon as I saw the deal to upgrade from my Gen 1.I love not having to dig out my keys or distribute to guests. Very easy installation and while not pretty, better looking on the inside of your home than the other smart locks. Outside no one can tell you have a smart lock.

$170 if you order direct on Amazon.Order with Alexa and say “Alexa, order an August Smart Lock” an get an additional $50 off for a pre-tax cost of $120. Also $10 Amazongift card w/ anyAlexa’s Best Deals​like this today so pre-tax cost is really $110.That is the killer deal if you are in the market for a smart lock as these are normally $200 and rarely discounted much or often.

If you are thinking about buying but don’t have an Alexa product Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy sell them at their B&M stores.

Tip 1: you need a WiFi connection to have out of home control but if you have a 4th gen Apple TV you can use that instead of buying August’s module. Tip 2: if you buy one remember to keep WiFi enabled on your smartphone. That is how the geofencing on this lock works and knows you are home. The few times my lock has not auto-opened it was because I had WiFi turned off.



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