Apex Tactical Smith and Wesson Shield Trigger Kit and Replacement Trigger, Fits 9MM and .40 – $149.99 + FREE Shipping

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Apex Tactical Smith and Wesson Shield Trigger Kit and Replacement Trigger, Fits 9MM and .40 – $149.99 + FREE Shipping

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Apex Tactical S&W Shield Trigger Kit and Replacement Trigger, Fits 9MM and .40 Smith & Wesson


This kit is a combination of the Apex Shield Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit and the Apex Shield Action Enhancement Trigger. The Trigger Kit directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid aluminum trigger body which reduces pre-travel and over-travel by approximately 20%. It features a smooth face with a center mounted pivoting safety that maintains factory safety values.

The APEX Shield Carry Kit was designed to provide the M&P Shield pistol owner a smooth, consistent trigger pull that is approximately 2 lbs lighter (based on variations in factory tolerances) with the advantages of shorter over-travel and more detectable trigger reset. The kit itself is engineered to be drop-in and should not require further gunsmithing. However, armorer or gunsmith installation of the Ultimate Striker Block (USB) into the Shield slide is strongly recommended**.

Applicable to the following:

  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistols in 9mm and .40 calibers.

  • 1 ea. Aluminum Shield Action Enhancement Trigger
  • 1 ea. Trigger Return Spring Installation Shield Slave Pin=small=inherit(to assist with trigger return spring installation)
  • 1 ea. Fully machined .45 Sear
  • 1 ea. Ultimate Striker Block Kit
  • 1 ea. Ultimate Striker Block
  • 1 ea. Striker Block Spring
  • 1 ea. Talon Tactical tool
  • 1 ea. Shield Carry Spring Set
  • 1 ea. Sear Spring (1/8″)
  • 1 ea. 4 lb Rated Trigger Return Spring

  • Reduces trigger pull by approximately 2 lbs.
  • Smooth uptake and reset
  • Reduces pre-travel
  • Reduces over-travel
  • Reduced reset
  • Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values






If you are interested in a replacement trigger for the M&P Shield, please see the Shield Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Trigger and Kit. For further information regarding the trigger itself, please see Shield Action Enhancement Trigger.

**The Shield sight removal in order to install the USB Kit is extremely difficult. Removal requires delicate precision so as not to damage the sights or slide. We highly recommend having a competent gunsmith perform this task.

You may need to make an adjustment to the trigger bar loop for proper function. If you should need to tune your trigger bar, please follow the instructions on the video above, Trigger Bar Loop Adjustment.


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