Alesis *DM7 NITRO* electronic drum set $300 @ Amazon

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Alesis *DM7 NITRO* electronic drum set $300 @ Amazon

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Not to be confused with the non-DM7 Nitro kit, which has always been $300 since it was released.

The DM7 Nitro kit is the new version of the DM7 kit which has been rated the best electronic drum set under $500 for years. I’ve only found this particular set at Amazon.

Alesis DM7 Nitro kit (current model)

The DM7 Nitro drum set has8″ Snare, 8″ TOMS,& 12″ Cymbals.

  • Full-size electronic drum kit
  • Upgraded “brain” and drum pads for higher sound quality over standard DM6, with built-in tools for practicing skills
  • USB MIDI connection for sound recording and virtual-instrument control on computers and mobile devices
  • Headphone jack for private practice, and stereo outs to connect to a PA system, amplifier, or recording console
  • 8 rubber drum pads with dual-zone snare and three single-zone TOMS;kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included; three 12 cymbals for ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash play

My daughter has been asking for an electronic drum set for months; therefore, I’ve been watching this set for a long time and this is the best price I’ve seen on it.

I’m glad I waited until Black Friday. Enjoy!!


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