80% OFF Professional Oral Irrigator for $39

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80% OFF Professional Oral Irrigator for $39

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Pursonic OI-200 Professional Counter Top Oral Irrigator
  • Multi-function handle: Release button helps to easily replace the nozzle, Nozzle rotates 360 to easily treat all areas of the Mouth.
  • Water Flow on/off switch allows you to pause water flow.
  • A unique combination of water pressure and pulsations cleans deep between teeth and below the gum line where regular flossing can’t reach
  • Delivers water pressure from 0 to 90 PSI with 1400 pulses per minute
  • 2 minute Auto timer with a 30-second interval alert system.
  • Helps remove plaque and bacteria more thoroughly than a traditional flosser, especially deep between the teeth and below the gum line where brushing and flossing can’t reach.
  • Safe, gentle and perfect for anyone with implants, crowns, bridges of periodontal pockets.
  • 100 240 Volt for Worldwide use. Includes 3pcs standard nozzles + 1pc tongue scraper.



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