50 Pregnancy Test & 50 Ovulation Test Strips $19.91

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50 Pregnancy Test & 50 Ovulation Test Strips $19.91

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http://ift.tt/2f7902s !importantAbout the Product
  • ✔ For women trying to conceive; Kit includes 50 pregnancy test strips and 50 ovulation test strips
  • ✔ Easy to use and read; Immerse test strip in urine for 3 seconds and get results in 5 seconds
  • ✔ Helps detect when ovulation occurs; Use ovulation strips to pinpoint best time to try to conceive
  • ✔ Super convenient and mess free; Just turn it on, dip in liquid and read display, nothing could be easier Designed for portability; Pocket sized, handheld pH meter is lightweight, compact, conveniently fits in your pocket or bag and goes anywhere
  • ✔ LH & HCG Strips are FDA approved and provide 99.8% accuracy


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