$5 digital movies on iTunes

  • Posted on :December 28, 2016 in deals

$5 digital movies on iTunes

via Fatwallet.com Hot Deals

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You have to access via iTunes or your Apple device, so sorry, cant link directly to deal.

The list of $5 titles includes:
The Hateful Eight
American Sniper
13 Hours
Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat)
Crazy Stupid Love
The Notebook
Train wreck
Straight Outta Compton
The Grand Budapest
Social Network
Blind Side
The Fault in Our Stars
Imitation Game
Hurt Locker
Snow piercer

There are also tons of $8 movies:
The Departed
District 9
Big Lebowski
Top Gun
Coming to America
Groundhog Day
Office Space
Looper, Saving private Ryan, MI: Rogue Nation, Apollo 13, Catch me if you can, Zero Dark Thirty, Shaun of the Dead, Interstellar, Children of Men, 5th Element, Gattaca, Minority report, etc


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